January 9 to 15, 2017 – Predicate – Primary – Melenchon & Macron – PTA – Butinages -.

January 9 to 15, 2017 – Predicate – Primary – Melenchon & Macron – PTA – Butinages -. What happens in the newsroom? Why do we get excited about as damn predicate? And so again, it was to provide keys and put in the context instead of agitating commonplaces and against-truths? Yet there would be many other topics, such as the programs "education" of candidates for the primary and presidential. One could also look a little more to the demands of ZEP schools. Storm in a teacup … Predicate – "Hey, coconut, do not you have a little something to swing on school? "-" Uh, I have not much time, Chief, you also want me to do my thirtieth article about Macron … and then I know nothing "-" Come on, you make us a small article quickly flared, with three copies of tweets and it’ll do … "-" OK, chief, I can do a paper on grammar, that’s it, grammar, it’ll scare grannies and grandpas if touched grammar … "-" Yes, and more teachers, they like to spread on Twitter, you should not be too difficult to find … "-" I have two "against" and "for" enough? "-" no problems, and after you make me a paper on Kim Kardashian … "as I predisais last week (and I’m not proud …) the media excitement around the predicate does not turn off and turns into controversy as we like in France. for the moment, we do not yet arrived at the one on the circumflex and the reform of spelling my there is still room for improvement … We look forward to that policies get involved (it starts) and our great intellectuals do inflamed stands on defending the direct object was … in any case, all the ingredients for it continues like this: copying from one medium to another, approximate articles and testimonies and even against-truths, speech on the lower level, mocking the "jargon", weariness address changes, parental anxiety and nostalgia for the old school, all there! In this wave of articles lax (see story on France2 unworthy January 11), however, there are some more serious texts. So Mattea Battaglia in Le Monde tries to take stock of this with a real investigation. Similarly, in response to the post of the college teacher blog "Lucia Martin" (pseudonym) published on January 3 Telerama.fr, three teachers-researchers from the University Paris Descartes return to the same site, some important points and deconstruct the false claims. On this point, we can also read the opinion of Sylvie Plane, Vice President of the CSP in La Croix. Does this media buzz will enter third week? Or will he go out of himself or chased by another controversy? Anyway, he will have done enough damage and proved again that we can talk about education without any rigor. Debates about the School are necessary and deserve everyone is interested but provided they are documented and argued. Above all, they should focus on matters more critical than circumflex or learning the grammar of the sentence … Primary We have not talked a lot about education in the first debate of the primer "beautiful People’s alliance" held Thursday, January 12. In this long debate 21h to 23h30, education is not a subject of major divisions even if there are real differences. But all agree on republican values, particularly on the central role of schools, social diversity factor and tool in the fight against social reproduction. For those who want to know more about this pending further discussions, we can go see the comparison of the newspaper Le Monde programs and a very good summary article dedicated to this topic of education on Public Senat. There is also a comparison on the site EducPros The specialized site VousNousIls did, too, a great work of compilation of proposals of candidates. You will find presentations of programs Manuel Valls, Benoit Hamon and Arnaud Montebourg. For those of Vincent Peillon, it will go on its website or on LCI. For Benoit Hamon, you can also read his proposals in L’Express and Le Point If the question of the importance of education as a consensus the need to fight against inequality, the differences are felt mostly on the question of means. Benoit Hamon promises to recruit 37,000 to 40,000 additional teachers to reduce classes to support their continuing education and make the replacements. Vincent Peillon as Arnaud Montebourg advocate a generalization of "more masters classes." (See below) The issue of wage increase is approached by almost all candidates. Benoit Hamon is distinguished by its proposal on the training of teachers. Every year, teachers according to their needs and their age, could be given three to ten days of training per year. 15,000 (about 40,000) posts would be created to compensate for these absences. Manuel Valls offers "continuous training that finally deserves the name": a compulsory course of three days per year, along with a week of "upgrading" every three or five years. Benoit Hamon and Sylvia Pinel want to lower the age of schooling to 3 years. The first thought even start instruction from two years in the priority education networks (REP), developing in parallel the "creation of a public service from early childhood" an identical proposal to the Manuel Valls. The big point of the comparison of these programs is especially the need to continue to put the packet on the Primary rebalancing spending towards that level. This is also what we find with the first results of a key measure of the five year term of Francois Hollande in education with the presentation of a report on the device "Over masters classes." This is overall a success says Cross or 20minutes.fr. Launched in 2013, the "more masters classes" scheme is to allocate an additional teacher in the most troubled schools to help students in their learning the fundamentals (reading, writing, arithmetic). On the occasion of the presentation of the report Tuesday, January 10, the Minister http://homeworkmarket.me/
of Education, Najat Vallaud-Belkacem said his contributions to the education system and asked the rectors that "at the end of the next school year, all schools under the priority education are provided with an additional master. " A way for her to further develop the device before giving the keys to the rue de Grenelle. Because to date, 3,220 posts have been assigned to this measure in the schools welcoming city and in rural areas, a majority of disadvantaged students or academic difficulties. "In September 2017, this is a considerable extra effort will be done with 1,941 new positions," she announced. Melenchon, Macron and school Out of the primary, it is also interested in education. Jean-Luc Melenchon promises to invest additional resources in education, with the recruitment of 60,000 new teachers over the entire five-year period. A measure provides for mandatory schooling from 3 to 18 years. In the coming weeks, the candidate and his team will unveil a series of booklets to refine and clarify the 360 ??measures published in the book, The Future in common including the conditions for their implementation. We therefore expect the more specific proposals on this subject. As for Emmanuel Macron, he held Saturday, January 14 a meeting on education in Lille in a Zenith 5000 people … It also develops his ideas in an interview with the Courrier Picard. It proposes to "halve the number of students per class in CP and CE1 in priority areas." In the interview (also found in La Voix du Nord) also said it "supports greater autonomy for schools, especially colleges and high schools. The educational autonomy today is limited. We must strengthen it. You have to give more flexibility to heads of institutions to respond to the difficult terrain, including in teacher allocation. "". He adds: "We need to France an educational start. We can catch up in ten years. " The program seems Emmanuel Macron, on this subject, have difficulty to stand out. For some, there is "a sense of deja vu for other kinship with Schooling for Tomorrow Jean-Michel Blanquer (Ed. Odile Jacob). And others will point out that it will be difficult to act as if it nothing had happened in the area of ??education for five years … Protests PTA teachers and students of high schools that require the maintenance of label "PTA" as guaranteed means for priority institutions continue throughout France. A petition signed by almost 300 academics and researchers in the humanities called to support the publication of an enlarged map of establishments in deprived areas together with a single, binding label in terms of resources. We can also read an article a teacher in Marseille The Obs In a press release, the group "Hands off my Zep" evokes "the strategies of the Minister" and "smoking ads" and his refusal to receive delegation. The group proposes a solution to the Minister of Education: to issue a decree. It "would define an enlarged map of priority education in schools together with a single, binding label in terms of resources" and "would also ensure the sustainability of allowances and bonuses whose personal benefit from these high schools" Butinages Finally, as to the usually some readings and links gleaned during this week. In an article published in Le Monde, Nathalie Mons proposes to make the school more just by addressing urgently the hundred colleges ghettos France. For this, "the implementation of local policies of diversity, which should be voluntary, is necessary within a national framework. "Reading a note DEPP teaches us that teachers are more exposed to psychosocial risks than other populations, such as executives from the private. The study, which deserves to be read, described recessed features of the teaching profession. Lucien Marboeuf on his blog, draws a very interesting post and reminds us, as an article of VousNousIls that teachers suffer especially from isolation. The authors of the study, this is due to "a lack of hierarchical support and colleagues" Daniel Herrero is a well known rugby player, former coach of Toulon. It is less known that he taught twenty years in high school and Staps. Pedagogic Cahiers wanted to ask him what his vision for this job he loved, to communicate some of his energy and his enthusiasm to a human sometimes weary and morose profession and so lonely. He gives us his vision of teamwork and collective: "Uniting the competence, a beautiful dream, however, together we are stronger and it does not lack a call! The direction of the team, it’s "only you do not worry, we’re here." "And he concludes with this tribute to teachers:" I am full of admiration for teachers, these routes plotters who chose both the top and the most difficult way to get there "… Good Read Philippe This Watrelot (head) work is licensed under the terms of the license Creative Commons Attribution – NonCommercial – Sharing in the Same Conditions 3.0 France. Posted by Watrelot to Sunday, January 15, 2017