JuventusAtletico #JuveAtleticoMadrid #JuveAtleti – Gene Gnocchi (@GnocchiGene) 12 March 2019 18:40 – In the area guests were 500 unsold tickets, the Atletico fans will be in 1700, and most arrived in the city today.

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12 March 2019 – Milan image of the first leg. Afp The expectation increases with each passing minute, it is the night of Juventus v Atletico Madrid. After the 2-0 first leg earned the Bianconeri are already at a major crossroads and at the Stadium will play the qualification to the quarterfinals of the Champions League. At 21 the whistle.

Following reactions, news and breaking into a night that will leave a mark regardless of the final result. 20.30 – At the Sky’s microphones Nedved has spoken: “I expect a wonderful evening. There is an incredible climate, we rely on Ronaldo, who is used to these nights.

It needs to be carefree, players are “loads. You feel the charge? ? #WarmUp JuveAtleti # # # COMEBACK TO GETREADY UCL pic.twitter.com/I1v8y3SWti – JuventusFC (@juventusfc) March 12 2019 20.00 – Allegri terraced so his men.

JUVENTUS (4-3-3): Szczesny, Cancelo, Bonucci, Chiellini, Spinazzola, Emre Can, Pjanic, Matuidi, Bernardeschi, Mandzukic, Ronaldo. ? So in the field on this night of @ChampionsLeague http://1xbet.footballresultstoday.org/?? # GETREADY TO COMEBACK #JuveAtleti #UCL pic.twitter.com/gp0Lfevsqn – JuventusFC (@juventusfc) March 12, 2019 19:55 – Here are the choices of Simeon. ATLETICO MADRID (4-4-2): Oblak, Arias, Gimenez, Godin, Juanfran, Koke, Rodrigo, Saul, Lemar, Griezmann, Morata. ? | Alineacion? ¡Aquí está nuestro ounces! ? ¡Los elegidos por @Simeone para el #JuveAtleti! ??? ¡Vaaaamooos, Atleeeetiiii, vaaaamooooos! ? # AúpaAtleti #UCL pic.twitter.com/OA7BIbhxOR – Atlético de Madrid (@Atleti) 12 March 2019 19:30 – will soon be informed of the official formations, which melt away the last doubts related to both teams.

Meanwhile, the stands are beginning to fill up, Juve is coming at the Stadium, and there are already the first images of the locker room. An hour and a half to kick-off. ? All set for #JuveAtleti? #GETREADY TO COMEBACK pic.twitter.com/MY1dquVus7 – JuventusFC (@juventusfc) 12 March 2019 19:15 – A Sky spoke to the former Andrea Pirlo, who arrived with great anticipation in the stadium: “The Bianconeri will have to leave aggressive and try to score in the first half.

Only in the second half they can possibly manage it, but the approach will be important. ” ? ¡Llegó el momento! ? ¡Salimos the Hotel de Concentración y ponemos rumbo at Allianz Stadium! ? ? ¡Vuelve the @LigaDeCampeones! ? #JuveAtleti # AúpaAtleti #UCL pic.twitter.com/qP2jVOJBdc – Atlético de Madrid (@Atleti) 12 March 2019 19:00 – Two hours to kick-off. The Juventus fans are already lining up to enter the Stadium.

In the stands they will find well 30 thousand bianconere flags, distributed for the occasion and for the initial choreography, when there will be the classic light show. After express charge through the video, the stadium there will be also the former Evra and was announced the presence of NBA star Ray Allen. Juve Atletico.

Agnelli calms Allegri: “If it goes’ bad amen, however, to 23 begin a round at Mirafiori”. #JuventusAtletico #JuveAtleticoMadrid #JuveAtleti – Gene Gnocchi (@GnocchiGene) 12 March 2019 18:40 – In the area guests were 500 unsold tickets, the Atletico fans will be in 1700, and most arrived in the city today. As a meeting place they chose the Valentino Park to enjoy the wait and the approach to the match: scarves, chants and flags before starting the journey to the stadium and the most important event today.

18:25 – will referee Bjorn Kuipers, 45, Dutch. He previously directed Atletico Madrid in two European finals: in 2014 (Real-Atletico 4-1) and 2018 (Atletico-Marseille 3-0). During the previous six with Juve you need to register a single victory, 2-1 against Monaco.

5 ?? reasons for BELIEVE! #GETREADY TO COMEBACK! https://t.co/U4Jvqs5FKj pic.twitter.com/4LtGrtUbQW – JuventusFC (@juventusfc) March 12, 2019 18.10 – Atletico Madrid through its Twitter account reminded the score colchoneros in Europe against Italian teams . Fifteen wins, 4 draws and 7 defeats with a total of 37 goals scored and 18 conceded. Keeping to the numbers, against Atletico CR7 scored 22 times in 32 occasions. Tonight will be a highlight of the night, not only for him.

17:40 – For the match arrived in Italy also the Galatasaray coach Fatih Terim (former AC Milan and Fiorentina), who spoke on Sky Sport giving confidence to Juventus’ first leg Atletico made a great achievement, but Juve is Juve. The Allegri boys are fit and will battle with the help of the fans Juve can do it. It will also be tough for guys to Simeon.

CR7? It is outstanding, could be his night. ” ? @Cristiano | ? https://t.co/G9LhZJLa6u#FinoAllaFine #ForzaJuve pic.twitter.com/e8vUobPfU5 – JuventusFC (@juventusfcen) March 12 2019 17.30 – Of course there will be an empty sediolino at the Stadium. Stadium sold out in days (present 41.5 million viewers), over 300 accredited journalists, built close to the 5 and a half million euro in 1700 and at least fans of Atletico arrived from Madrid.

The Bianconeri to qualify must win with three goals, in the case of 2-0 Juve will go into overtime and eventually on penalties. Juventus, Evra plays the position of Instagram 17:20 – Not just against Atletico. The challenge Juve also the story since the Bianconeri when they suffered a 2-0 in the first leg are always out of the Champions League / European Cup.

Five previous: season ’67 / ’68 (against Benfica of Eusebio), season ’73 / ’74 (against Dynamo Dresden), two years later still against a German team (Borussia Moenchengladbach), 2005/2006 ( against Arsenal Henry) and the 2012/2013 season in front of Bayern Monaco. However none of these five is a Spanish … 17.10 – Shortly after the 13 began the canonical lunch Uefa between the delegations of the two teams.

About fifty supporters outside the Ristorante del Cambio, one star in the heart of Turin in Piazza Carignano, a short distance from the Mole Antonelliana. At the table there were also the two number ones, Andrea Agnelli and Enrique Cerezo, who stopped to talk to reporters present: “We believe we can qualify. We want to do well, without fear, but we will have to fight. Ronaldo?

It’s great, it will be very dangerous and can greatly help Juve “. Juve-Athletic: Della Valle and Bianchin, the latest from Torino 16:50 – Well-known personalities came the tweet of supporter Juventus and former wife of Buffon, Alena Seredova, as he spoke bluntly Luigi de Magistris language, mayor of Naples “I can not cheer Juve, how? I do not feel those feelings, I’m not resentful, but I can not cheer Juve, the Neapolitan can not do it.

I have a thousand faults, one of which is that I can not cheer Juve “. A Rmc Sports former striker Paolo Rossi said: “It will serve real enterprise. The team must not be reckless, but it should make the game immediately, should make people feel that playing at home, and his athleticism. The public will be one more weapon. A prediction?

They are always positive, I say a 4-1 full of hope. ” In time for the match #juventus # cr7 #biancoenero pic.twitter.com/vkV6Nk39dF – Alena? Eredová (@alenkaseredova) March 12, 2019 Gasport

December 8, 2018 – Milan Frank Gaines, 28, guard Cantu Ciamillo After the advance between Turin and Trento, the ninth day sees as the central field PalaDesio of Desio (near sold out) with the historic derby Cantu-Milano (it plays at 17.30): Do not be like everyone else, could also be the last given the club the Brianza economic problems while he coined the slogan “Every drop counts” associating it with the new sponsor, the water San Bernardo, which led Cantu also to change colors, the historic biancoblu to whites ‘which is a bit’ the color of hope. The team will have Pashutin Mitchell: very few people bet on his return to Italy after the trip to the US for the death of the grandmother, this is also a sign of hope in a future that is still very complex.

Milan (Current Nedovic) is in trouble, injuries at this time are becoming a problem especially in the Euroleague but it is clear that in the league can not falter because Venice is always there lurking. Already, Venice. It now houses a Varese without captain Ferrero, out for a leg injury (hamstring) and it will just try to keep him from the Olimpia drawback at least to a minimum.

EYE IN PESARO – Another interesting race to Avellino because Vuelle last month has become frightening and struggle for salvation has even gone in the playoffs: Irpinia found Nichols (ankle) and can also count on Campogrande, ever seen so far.